Why Poke Could Never Beat Snapchat

If you never even knew what Facebook Poke was before now, you are certainly not alone.

Poke was one of the biggest failures ever, proving that a multi­billion dollar social media site can indeed screw up too.

So what was it? Facebook Poke was an app that basically entirely copied Snapchat. Seriously, there was no difference between the two besides the fact that Snapchat did it first.

What’s the big issue here? Everything successful has some sort of competition, right? Right, but the issue here is that Facebook offered no improvements or changes to Snapchat’s concept besides placing their name on it.

If I already have Snapchat, why would I delete it to get an app that’s exactly the same and offers me no additional benefits? Everyone I know uses Snapchat, so I’d virtually be “poking” no one.

It’s not like I have some immense loyalty to Facebook, which would truly be the only reason someone would make the switch from Snapchat.

In fact, I’m pretty sure the only people who used Facebook’s Poke was Mark Zuckerberg and his friends and family. (Okay maybe more than just them.)

Facebook ultimately very quietly ended Poke’s short lifespan once they realized it was not going to take off.

Poke might have had a shot at success if it’s features were better than what Snapchat had to offer. If you’re going to try and compete with something so huge like Snapchat, you need to come forward with something even better if you think you’re going to have a chance at beating it.

Instead, Poke blatantly created the same thing, smacked Facebook’s name on it and tried to sell. Obviously this strategy didn’t work.

Stop trying to make Poke happen, Mark Zuckerberg, it’s not going to happen.

You can find a video demo of the late app Poke below.

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