What’s Up With Mobile Gaming?

With the introduction of smartphones, it was only a matter of time before gaming apps were developed for these phones. To our pleasant surprise, they came along very quickly.

When you check the app store you use, whether it is the App Store or the Android app store (Google Play), there are tons and tons and tons of games, whether they’re paid or free.

A lot of them are playable a few times before they become boring, or their updates ruin the fun and people delete them and never download them again. Some are playable for a month or so, and get deleted, only to be downloaded again some time later (I re­downloaded Tiny Bird like two years after deleting it and rediscovered how awesome it is).

Others are playable for months, even years at a time, but those are rare. Personally, I wouldn’t keep a game that long, but I’m sure there are people who keep RPGs on their phones, for example.

What’s awesome about them is that they’re mobile and fun. If you’re in a doctor’s waiting room, Tiny Bird would be a great way to pass the time before you’re called into a room, only to wait again. Then you’d keep playing Tiny Bird.

For the people behind the apps, they can be incredible money makers. Free apps will sometimes have in­-app purchases that help you level up or get rewards, and these can generate some serious revenue. Kim Kardashian’s app made $200 million. Yeah, $200,000,000 dollars. In­ app purchases are crazy profit makers. You can check out

With new games appearing in app stores all the time, there’s never a time where you can’t find a game to play. It’s pretty tough competition, but it’s a good thing; it requires developers to be creative and original, and through that great games are made, which users love, of course.

When a game is really great and received well by consumers, they’ll be loyal to the game and some may even be willing to pay for in­app stuff. If your consumers love your game, they’ll show it through the money they dish out.

People love mobile games because most of them are free, and at least for a time, pretty much all of them are fun to play. The constant flow on new games in app stores requires developers to create great content, because if they don’t people simply won’t download them or will only to delete them after a few plays.

Mobile gaming is a fun, and potentially very profitable market, and it seems like it’s working out for everyone. Getting in the game is easy, but staying in the game is the tough bit.

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